Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kirsty's on TV: TripleJ's Hack Half Hour - ABC2, Monday 6th October at 8.30pm

Kirsty's going to be on the new Hack Half Hour TV show this coming Monday. Kirsty was asked to come in and provide her opinion when the Hack Half Hour asked: is the great Australian dream a crock? Could buying a house in your twenties actually be a flawed dream? Should we be spending our money on other things or just be concentrating on having a good time?

To find out more, or to view the episode after it airs head here:

The Hack Half Hour is a show that gets everyone talking about the issues that impact on your life. In a comfortable setting like your own local you can be part of the conversation and hear views that explore opinions and experiences you may not have heard or seen before. This is a show about your world and the things around you, so be a part of the conversation!

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