Friday, December 12, 2008


Thanks to the chaps at Anthill magazine, I just found out about my new favourite website (well, for 5 seconds anyway)

FutureMe is a simple little site that lets you send a letter via email to yourself at some time in the future.

4 reasons you may want to use FutureMe:

1. To make some predictions about your life in say 5 years
2. To remind yourself of something (a birthday, an amazing day, to take your garbage out)
3. To kick start yourself (I like this one sent by Luke in the public section on the site: “man. stop being scared already, and just tell the girl you like her. it's not that hard, and she probably feels the same way about you. I hope.”)
4. Snapshot yourself right now, and write to remind your future self of what it’s like to be you today. What do you love, what do you hope for, what are you scared of. This one’s sort of like a quirky one day journal that you can read in the future (without the commitment of daily Dear Diary writing!)

Go on, give it a go 648,509 people have already talked to their future selves already… 648,510 now that I have too!

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This is a great find Kirsty - I have just sent myself a letter for a years time with all my goals achieved for 2009 - kind of a law of attraction thing!
Definitely recommended for everyone currently doing your goal setting - phrase it as if it has already happened!
Thanks, Joanna - Your resource for publishing 2.0

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