Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Newsletters (other than Kirsty's) Do You Love?

Kirsty subscribes to a large number of newsletters from all over the world, some of which are listed here -

In response to a request from one of our readers we want to know what other newsletters and ezines you subscribe to and would recommend. Simply leave your comment on this blog and let us know the name of the newsletter, what it's about and why you love to receive it.

We will compile a list of responses and publish them in a later issue of Kirsty's weekly newsletter Advance To Go.

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By Kirsty Dunphey with 4 comments


I like 'Total Health Breakthroughs and Bob Proctors 'Insight of the day'

I love Napoleon Hill Foundation newsletters because they are so timeless. His writings, which were written decades ago, have as much meaning now as they did when they were written.

Hi Bertram and Andy,

Thanks for your suggestions, we will be sure to include these on our list!


I enjoy reading Philip Humbert's weekly emails.


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