Saturday, June 16, 2012

Does my butt look big in this?

A client’s wife recently told a customer in her retail store that an outfit she liked wasn’t the most flattering for her figure. Her husband’s face lit ups as he recounted the story proudly to me.

Apparently this customer in his wife’s store was all set to buy the outfit she was wearing, but his wife (a mature and lovely lady who I’ve known for years) pointedly let her know it wasn’t the best purchase for her.

I laughed when her husband told me the story – it’s exactly the sort of thing I would expect his wife to do. She was my travel agent for years and I vividly remember her telling me: “Kirsty, you’re not doing it that way” (usually for my own safety and always for the best in hindsight!)

The best salespeople in my opinion will always overlook the glory of a quick sale in favour of building a lasting relationship built on trust. It’s a lesson usually learned with years of experience.

“How amazing would it be if you could teach an 18 year old sales person that trick eh!” client said proudly of his wife’s actions.

How amazing indeed.

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