Friday, June 8, 2012

Eye on the prize

As it rocked backward and forward rhythmically the kookaburra became even more fascinating to me. While the branch it perched upon swayed to and fro in the wind, the kookaburra’s head didn’t move.

As the branch moved backwards, the kookaburra’s body went with it, but it’s head and most importantly it’s eyes remained stationary, many small muscles compensating for each movement in the wind.

While watching for food, or predators the kookaburra always has an unblurred, undeterred view of its surroundings.

It’s a neat genetic ability and one which I’m sure helps many kookaburras survive and thrive (especially in my back yard!)

I’ve known a few kookaburras in my professional life too. Their eye is always on the prize. Regardless of whatever currents or wind or distractions are moving their branch, they remain laser focused.

How can you emulate a kookaburra? How can you block out distractions and keep your head steady when all around you is moving?

By Kirsty Dunphey with No comments


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