Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All the best coaches have coaches

I was chatting with an amazing businesswoman and friend the other day who was going through a particular challenge in her business and who had (humblingly) come to me for some advice.
She has a business coach and also seeks out the advice of others that she trusts – and in delving into her current situation it struck me that she saw getting this advice both formal and informal as a sign of weakness.
“All the best coaches have coaches” – I told her. I go to people when I need help, I bet your coach has someone, or a whole suite of people they go to when they need help. This simple statement was like a revelation to her. “Really?” she said, dumfounded.
She’d always looked at going to people for help as something only people having trouble did. Now ultimately, it’s an obvious choice to go to someone for coaching or advice when you’re having a tough time – but the most successful people (in my experience) have a coach, a mentor, a peer that they will constantly bounce ideas, goals, struggles and issues off.
When was the last time you reached out to someone and shared what you were going through?

By Marjorie with 2 comments


Great advice Kirsty.

If you think you are even close to knowing it all, then you are lost.

Its amazing what people will share if only you open yourself to their worlds.

Even those who appear the most ordinary have knowledge that will inpsire:)

Love it!

Dave, couldn't agree more with your words! Kirsty

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