Thursday, September 13, 2012

Money, money, money....

Well - I'm excited to be sending out three big envelopes tonight containing documentation to donate $10,035 to three fabulous charities.

To read about my head shave motivation head on here:

And to see pictures of the "chopping and shaving itself" head on here:

I'm excited to be sending off my goal amount - plus there's another $621 which has been pledged that hasn't come in yet - so I'm hopeful of sending that off too over the coming weeks.

As promised, I would like to convey my extreme thanks to all of the following people who donated $100 or more, but please know that I am so grateful for everyone from those who donated $5 to those who overwhelmed me with donations of $500.

On the honour role are:

Pam Corkhill, Courtney Hogan, Xavier Wakefield, Simone Hackett, Rob King, Felicity Peterson, Richard Gough, Jodie Pedlar, Shane Wiseman, Steve Jaffray, Karen Pryor, Kate Woods, Ronald Brown, Doug Mallett, Chris Follett, Fletcher Husband, Glen Coutinho, Lisa O'Connor, Tom Woolley, Brock Fisher, Maureen Lacey, Bianca & Matt Barney, Elephant Property, Celine Egan, Dale Beaumont, Mel Kerrison, Shayne Harris, Ron Ward, Dean Mance, Melissa Anderson, Sylvia Smith, Carole Williams, Danelle Wiseman, Krystal Morgan, Susan Connor, Cathryn Cocker & Jacinta Prewer, Catherine Bissett, Edwin Vandervelde, Carrie Hesketh, Sally Shaw, Domenic Carosa, Jen Rayner, Megan Barrow, Faulkner Plumbing, Kaitlyn Abrahall, Peta Simmons and Susan Head.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone.

xxxx K

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