Thursday, September 13, 2012

Conference Creativity

A little cheekily this was one of my tweets (@kirstydunphey) from the recent (and fabulous) ARPM (Australiasian Residential Property Management) conference in Sydney.
“Wondering if it’s a conscious decision for @1form_live to “man” trade stand with attractive young men at a conference full of women?

1 Form Live were trade stand exhibitors at the conference and even this happily married woman was having an extended glance at their booth over the conference. I thought it was a smart strategy given that the conference attendees were probably 70% women.

Later in the day I promoted them to the level of geniuses when I noticed that their wi-fi connection had been renamed to this: “1Form – Chris is Single” to me – a brilliant way to leverage off their existing strategy.

Knowing I was going to be compelled to blog about it – I went and got a photo of the 1 Form team to add to the blog and they had a giggle as to why I’d come over. 
But – I am going to downgrade them from genius to just clever. What else could they have done? Well – if your company’s going to have a twitter account and you’re at a conference with a hashtag and people are tweeting  - engage! If someone posts a cheeky tweet about your sales team being hot – REPLY!  Have someone checking twitter during the day and responding and engaging where appropriate.

So many people see twitter as a way to get a message across when really, the true value of it comes from it being a way to communicate. Communication is two ways. You’d rarely ignore a customer talking to your face, why would you ignore a potential customer’s tweet.

Secondly – and disappointingly their wi-fi was renamed to “1 Form Live – come and visit us!” day 2 of the conference… yawn! Ahh well boys – thanks for the memories.

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