Friday, October 26, 2012

Do your damn homework!

I got a call today from someone looking to sell me something. Something expensive. Something I may have wanted to buy. Something I would have been one of perhaps less than 5 potential buyers for. 

And his first words to me after I introduced myself on the phone were "and Kirsty, are you one of the directors of the company?"

A 30 second trip to our website prior to calling would have told him that there are two directors of our company - I'm one of them.

This wasn't a telemarketer, this wasn't someone making thousands of sales calls, this was one chap, making 5 or less phone calls and he couldn't be bothered to simply find out who he should be speaking to at each company he was calling. 

When do you need to do your damn homework? 

Do you need to do a linkedin search prior to heading to your next job interview?
Do you need to google the awesome person you met at the networking event last night?
Do you need to find out what facebook friends you have in common with the potential client you're trying to land?

Where will 30 seconds extend your reach by 30 miles?

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