Friday, January 18, 2013

Focus on your strong or not so strong points?

I recently wrote a post on “focus” and the massive impact focusing on one or a few specific areas of your business (or life in general)! can have.

But what to focus on? In the post above we chose to focus on something we were already good at – hoping to get exceptional and we had phenomenal results.

If you focus on something you’re weak at –
·      You may need a bit more mentoring / guidance on HOW to achieve your goals given that it’s something you’re not so strong at
·      You’ll still see a good result (one would hope!) – but it might just take you from a weakness to something you’re ok at – so there may not be the same hype or excitement level from your team
·      You may rule out something your competition can use against you (as opposed to creating something worth shouting from the rooftops)

So what to focus on? My honest opinion – go with a strength or a weakness, it doesn’t overly matter, just choose something you can see a decided improvement in and then FOCUS! 

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