Friday, January 11, 2013

Get it done

I wrote this post a while ago entitled Successful people finish stuff ( and it reminded me when I was doing a speech last week of my all time favourite technique for making myself (or anyone!) finish “stuff”.

So… here’s the steps:

1.     Figure out what you need to finish (or start and finish!)

2.     Grab your credit card

3.     Find a trusted friend (and by trusted, I mean someone who will be mean to you if it’s for your own good).

4.     Write down on a piece of paper the following:

I <<insert your own name>> need to complete <<put in here the specific task you need to finish>> by <<insert date>>. If I do not I hereby give permission for <<insert trusted advisor’s name>> to take my credit card details listed below and buy <<insert the name of someone you don’t like or an organisation or political party you don’t like>> something fabulous to the value of <<insert a dollar amount that makes you squirm>>.

And voila – provided your task is possible, so it shall be done. 

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ha ha ha ha.....oh yeah....very funny!!!....I'd be broke lol.

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