Friday, January 4, 2013

Thanks Dr. Denis

Many years ago I had the supreme pleasure of sharing a stage and spending some quality time with Dr. Denis Waitley. Don’t know him? Google him, subscribe, learn and love, you won’t regret it.

Just last night I was reminded of one my favourite life lessons when attempting to judge whether or not I personally want to be involved with someone.

I sat a huge dinner table last night filled with people from all different walks of life and of all different ages.

The lesson Dr. Waitley taught me – was to pay attention to how people treat those who can’t do anything for them. In this case, the wait staff.

The staff last night were impeccable (this restaurant is known for their service). At every moment our ever need was met.

And yet, the response to the wait staff was different. Some people were genuinely kind and thankful, others still made no eye contact and were unnecessarily curt with replies.

For me – I want to surround myself with people who show everyone a minimum level of courtesy and respect regardless of their status in life. How about you?

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Kirsty, as you are well aware, in life we deal with all sorts....can you feel the love?

Some test us more than others, sometimes we see people at their worst, or in a moment of weakness and judging can become a tad dodgy at times.

For those who shine and strive to shine, the energy is infectious and addictive and so we are drawn to them....if we choose:)

Those who haven't yet found their way, but are clearly searching need help, while I've found that some who prefer to close doors and build walls drain too much energy and are best left on the edge till they awaken and find the desire to shine.

It's an amazing life and people fill it with such colour!

Keep posting, I enjoy your perspective.

"Our character is revealed by how we treat people who cannot help us or hurt us."

-Michael S. Josephson

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