Wednesday, February 21, 2007

After enjoying a lovely stay at a friend’s home in Sydney some weeks ago we were gathered around a few drinks and some desert at the end of the night when our friend asked his soon to be wife what was the highlight and lowlight of her day.

An interesting conversation followed with all of us sharing our highlight and lowlight for the day and it was fun and revealing. I encourage you to trial it yourself tonight with your family, partner of friends find out for each of them:
1. What was the highlight of their day.
I’ve never been the sort of person who kept a diary regularly, but each day this year I’ve taken to writing down just the highlight of my day. One thing that has made that day special and spectacular. In looking for the bright moment each day I guarantee that I appreciate the day for what it’s been and I’m always looking to the positive.

2. What was the lowlight of their day.

3. I’ve added my own link in here at number three – because I think that with every failure, there’s a lesson, with every mistake, an opportunity and so with each lowlight you mention, ask what the positive to come from that was or could be. For example, if your low light was that you got a speeding fine, the positive is that you’re going to be more conscious of your speeding in future and potentially save your life or someone else’s by being more cautious.

Stay fabulous, enjoy getting to know each other and seeing a double positive in every day!

By Kirsty Dunphey with No comments


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