Monday, February 26, 2007

Ever heard the saying "perception is reality"? Let me share with you something I heard recently which made me realise we all put our own slant on everything and our own preconceived ideas and beliefs really do effect our perception of situations.

Imagine this scenario - you're sitting at a local café where a man and woman are having a conversation opposite you. You look up from your coffee only to see the man slap the woman in the face. What is your instant reaction to this? What thoughts instantly popped into your mind when you imagined this?

Let's erase that from your memory and say as you looked up over your cappuccino you saw the woman slap the man in the face. What do you assume has happened here?

Now you wouldn't be alone if in the first situation where the man hit the woman you thought "Oh my gosh, why's he hitting her? What a rat!". Whereas in the second situation where the woman slaps the man many instantly jump to the thought pattern "What has he done to deserve that!".

I read about this scenario and the common reactions (which I too had) in one of Allan Pease's book's and found it quite an interesting study of human perception. Same action, different reaction due to our conditioning.

Keep thinking and stay fabulous

By Kirsty Dunphey with No comments


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