Thursday, July 17, 2008

5 Simple Tips To Have More Media Love

To release or not to release that is the question (press release that is) – and if that is the question, my answer is always to release! To follow are 5 simple tips to get more loved up with the media:

1. Set yourself a press / media release goal. I think once a month is a good frequency, but if you’re not doing any now – what about once a quarter. Don’t have enough to write about each month? (new staff member, award, record sale, new premises, community involvement) – why not use this as a trigger to remind you to make something happen!

2. Start to form relationships with the journalists that cover your business. Send them a card or small thank you gift after any media coverage. Keep their contact details on file and send releases targeted to “their” type of story direct to them.

3. Be snappy. If your local newspaper or TV station calls you wanting a quote or an interview, get onto it quickly. Chances are they can’t (and won’t) wait for you to finish your lunch.

4. Invite your local media to all your events (Christmas party for photos and a slice of cake, grand opening for bubbly and an interview).

5. Check out once you’ve written your press release to have it “graded” online.

Thanks to Joan Stewart’s newsletter (which is fabulous) for the following tip off about a great little online tool:
Joan tells us that the grader deducts points for:
--No links high in the release.
--Not using "###" at the end of the release, the universal code for "the end."
--Incorrect use of anchor text. That is, the words on the page that link to a website.
--Gobbledygook words like "flexible," "scalable" and "robust."
We just trialled it on our latest press release and it was so simple and easy to use! Australian users take note that it may not think your phone number is valid as it’s a US based tool.

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