Friday, July 4, 2008

Desirable, Enviable, Aspire-able? Not You… Your Company!

Three different ways to get a long / longer queue of applicants and potential job seekers wanting to work for your company in a candidate short world.

1. Make it fun
I only had to see this picture of the slide that employees can use to get between floors at Red Bull London – and I was instantly daydreaming working in the energy drink world.

See also: - 12 ways to pimp your office - and 10 Seeeeriously cool workplaces (where I found my future workplace)

2. Make it personable
Ebay CEO of 10 years Meg Whitman sat side by side with her employees in the same size cubicle as everyone else (hers is lined with toys, see above).

Walt Disney set the example of picking up rubbish whenever he saw it on the grounds at Disneyland. He wasn’t too big to do it, neither are Disney staff.

Also see a rather interesting article by guru Guy Kawasaki entitled is your boss an a**hole (just a warning - he’s a big boy though so he doesn’t use the **s)

3. Make a difference
For every pair of shoes sold by they’ll give a pair to a child in need (one for one as they’re so fond of saying). They’ve already given out over 60,000 pairs in Argentina and South Africa.

This comment from on their myspace page ( : “So, I just got an internship with your company. I’ve never been so happy to be a part of something in my entire life. You’re such an inspiration & I hope you realize how much of an effect you have on people.”

Oh yeah – this person is so over the moon and this is an unpaid internship. Most people aren’t this happy to go to jobs where they’re paid bucket-loads.
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