Monday, October 15, 2007

Crashed and burned and would gladly do it again!

I remember fondly a job interview I once crashed and burned at. It was for a marketing manager at a local vineyard and restaurant.

I clearly remember telling the interviewer that in my opinion marketing encompassed everything from the corporate communications right down to making sure that each fork was polished in the restaurant and laid out exactly in line.

He was not impressed by my response and I knew it as soon as the words had left my mouth.

Knowing this, I wouldn’t change a thing if I were going for the same job today.

I think too many people hear marketing and instantly think “advertising”. To me, marketing embraces so much more that just what we traditionally know as advertising.

After all – aren’t you advertising (or presenting an image of) your company in some way every time your phones are answered? Each time a visitor clicks into your web site or receives an email from someone on your team? Don’t your uniforms and the design of your workspace also convey a message?

You can have a world class advertising or marketing campaign running on every media known to man – but the average customer will still listen carefully when they’re told that there were two hairs in their cappuccino, that the toilets were filthy or that they were snarled at when they turned up for their appointment.

If you’re going to spend the big bucks on marketing, make sure it’s not wasted by spending some time on the other aspects of marketing.

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