Thursday, October 4, 2007

What’s In A Signature?

I’ve just had a “celebrity moment”. Janine Allis the founder of Boost Juice just emailed me to thank me for sending her a copy of my new book. I’m a huge fan of Janine and the company she has founded. The fact that she took time to personally contact me just made her stock go even further up!

I love to learn from other successful business people and I think, if we keep our eyes open, we can do so all the time. In receiving Janine’s email my eyes were drawn to her email signature which, in addition to all the standard info (website, phone, address etc) also had the following:

My #1 Boost? : the raspberries relief. YUM!
What you’re reading? ; Nineteen minutes
What I love to do? : sit cuddling my boys
My football team : Go the Hawks !!!

Another successful entrepreneur I know, Lara Fletcher, founder of has the following at the bottom of her email:

Favourite Mock: Cherries, although closely followed by Gelato

I feel like my signature is a bit underdone – being that I just have my favourite motivational quote on mine! I’m missing a marketing opportunity and I’m missing an opportunity to look like a real human being with a personality!!

Not to worry though – I love what these two fabulous entrepreneurs have done – so I’m making it my own and changing my signature right now. What about you?

Here’s what my new one also now includes:

Favourite Quote of the Moment: "Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win." Jonathan Kozel

Favourite advertisement heading from Captain Kirk (Would love to explore this vast space)

Latest Book Out: Retired at 27, If I can do it anyone can – get it at

Currently loving: Spaghetti and Lance Armstrong’s books

Weekly Email: To sign up to our weekly email head to:

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