Friday, March 14, 2008

Birthday Time – How old are you?

As I write this it’s the day before my 29th birthday. 29 – you know one year before… gulp… one year before “old”. Or at least that’s what I thought at age 15 when I swore I’d never be old. Never be th.. th… thirty.

I also swore I’d never wear socks and sandals, complain about my aching back and also – even for a brief period of time that I’d never get married. Seems, despite my insistences to the contrary that I didn’t know much about what the future would hold for me the tender age of 15!

As much as I pretend though, I’m excited to be heading into my 30th year of life. I learnt a bloody lot in my 20’s, I also messed up a lot, made amazing friends, met the love of my life and amassed a pretty good collection of fancy shoes. If I can keep growing like that through my 30’s and onwards – it’s exciting.

That and I have some pretty amazing role models around me showing me that you’re only as old as you feel.

Seems the 70 + year olds I know have as much energy, vitality and verve for life as I ever managed in my 20’s.

In their 70’s and loving it there was my host family in Texas: Bonnie and Ben who outdanced me until the wee hours.

My new girlfriend Geri who still feels to me like a naughty teenager (I don’t really believe her when she says she’s in her 70’s) gossiping with me and gabbing about how we’re going to run off to Vegas and take over the world.

And then of course my father in law who in his early 70’s still plays competitive squash and is a fire cracker.

I say if Frank Lloyd Wright could still design homes until the year he died (he was 92) imagine what my 30’s and what your next decade hold for you.

Stay fabulous (at any age)


By Kirsty Dunphey with 1 comment


Ain't it the truth?

My dad was 56 when I was BORN and lived until he was 80. Always a spitfire - if men can be called that.

He never took any crap from anyone, and always told it like it is- which is where I get it from, I guess.

In many ways, age is a state of mind.

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