Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This takes the (cup)cake!

I had the pleasure of staying in Melbourne this weekend, celebrating my birthday, heading to the Grand Prix and the Zoo, as well as catching up on a few business meetings. It was flat out – as you can imagine (ie: not even enough time to buy new shoes!)

I stayed at a newly rebranded hotel – Quest East Melbourne, www.questeastmelbourne.com.au and to say I was surprised was an understatement! I’m used to Quest serviced apartments being done in a very traditional corporate (think lots of beige) style. This place was FUNky (with a capital FUN): boutique style rooms, all mod cons, amazing tiling (what I like tiles!) and was as groovy as many of the so called boutique hotels I’ve stayed at in Melbourne.

And upon arrival I had my own little cupcake waiting in the room along with a personalised note. For around $3.50 (the going rate of a cute cupcake) and a little time and energy (exactly what I talk about in Interaction Enhancement) – I’m even more likely to go back to stay here and to recommend Quest East Melbourne to others – hence this blog. And while I can’t guarantee you’ll receive a cupcake – I can say that you’ll find a very lush place to stay with amazing friendly staff

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