Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Secret in Action

Heard of “The Secret” (www.thesecret.tv)? If not, you may be the only one out there as it appeared to be EVERYWHERE in 2007.

I like to keep on top of what’s causing fuss in the world, so of course, I watched the DVD. Some of it I really enjoyed (especially seeing such high quality speakers like Dr. Denis Waitley), some of it I thought a little out there, but on the whole I took away some valuable points.

The fundamental message I got from The Secret was about harnessing the power of the law of attraction, ie: what you think about the most will come to you. That way the person who thinks all the time “lose weight” really just reinforces “weight” “weight” “weight”, the same with the person who really doesn’t want to get fired, or get a parking ticket.

On the positive side however thinking about what you most want in a positive way (getting a fab promotion, launching a successful business where money pours in your doors, being your ideal body size) and consistently focussing on it means that you can attract those things into your life (according to the Law of Attraction).

I’m a bit of sceptic, so just after I watched the DVD I thought I’d give it a test and set myself a target for book sales in the next month far in excess of what I’d ever sold before. On the final day of the month I tallied all my sales up and saw that I was around $127 short of my goal. I smiled, over the moon with my record sales, and went about my daily activities heading into the post office that afternoon. There in the post office were two cheques (a rarity for us as most of our sales are online) for book purchases amounting to just under $130.

Do I live my entire life worshiping the power of the Law of Attraction? Well I wouldn’t go that far, but it does give me reason to smile every now and then.

Just last Thursday I flew into Sydney, my plane was delayed and I was a little confused about where I was going. As I was standing in the taxi line thinking to myself – how do I get to Manly – I wish I had someone to ride with. A couple walked the line asking “Is anyone going to Manly?”. They took me right to my hotel door!

The next morning I jokingly mentioned my shoe size at a speaking job, later that day Sue from www.swissmasai.com told me she was sending me a gift pair of shoes!

Later that day after I’d filmed a TV spot for Sky Business I was standing at the TV station again thinking where on earth am I heading – and who do I end up sharing a taxi with? A dynamic young PR rep for Random House (one of Australia’s leading book publishers). View the Sky Business interview below.

And as I got back on my plane to come home to Tassie I remembered the days when all I wished for was to spend my lives on planes and in hotels! Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific! Be careful what you wish for (you may just attract it!)

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By Kirsty Dunphey with 2 comments


Isn't the Law of Attraction such a wonderful and powerful life transforming experience. I too was a "non believe" until I was injured at work. I was "down in the dumps" and so so negative. Asking the usual questions of "why me" and "how am I going to cope now that I have almost lost most of the use of my hands". But then I saw The Secret and best of all understood The Secret. I wake up every morning now and am so thankful and grateful for all the small things in my life. For my family and everything good that I have. I now am teaching my children this wonderful Law and hopefully it will travel with them throughtout their lifes and every life that they touch.

Cathy, I agree with what you've said - a positive attitude really can make all the difference! Good on you for passing it on to your kids. K

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