Tuesday, March 11, 2008

C’mon – You Know You’ve Googled Yourself!

After reading the following article “Googling yourself is so hot right now” http://www.smartcompany.com.au/Free-Articles/Trends/20071218-Googling-yourself-is-so-hot-right-now-.html?source=cmailer I wanted to be one of the first to stand up and say – I google myself all the time! And I think anyone who trades off their name should do it at least every 3 months.

Why? For an ego pump up? To get the gossip? To find other people who have your name and have done crazy cool things you can now attribute to yourself? … er.. no, not for any of those reasons.

If you trade off your name, you want to Google yourself to find out:

1. What will the public see when they search for just your name? Is your website coming up first or perhaps have competitors bought keywords on your name?
2. What media articles there are out there about you.
3. Is your SEO (search engine optimisation) working (at all)
4. Do you perhaps need to include common misspellings of your name in your SEO strategy (like Kristy and Dunphy for me!)
5. And the easiest way to stay on top of what the web is saying about you is to set up a Google alert on yourself.

To find out what else I think you should do if you trade of your name, read my article here: 10 tech tips for anyone who trades off their name http://www.kirstydunphey.com/samplew.html#start

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By Kirsty Dunphey with 2 comments


I thought I was the only one that Googled myself... I have even set up a Google Email Alert for my name in case I miss any links back to me. (I'm not sure if that's a sad thing or a smart thing to do?)

Peter, in the article 10 tech tips mentioned in this blog I highly recommending Google alerting yourself! Smart definitely, not sad. K

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