Friday, March 7, 2008

Top 10 Tips For Getting Noticed And Getting Ahead In The Workplace

1. Be an idea champion: Show initiative, suggest new ideas and offer to take charge in implementing them.

2. On time is late (10 minutes early is on time)

3. Go the extra centimetre: Don't worry about the extra mile, the extra tiny little bit is all you need to do to stand out, grab your boss a coffee without being asked, remember everyone's birthdays and be the first to wish them well or

4. Smile.

5. Keep it at home: Personal life is personal, business is business. The most outstanding people I've ever worked with know how to keep the two separate. So if your boyfriend has just dumped you or you had a fight with your best friend - deal with it outside of work hours and see point 4.

6. Never utter these words to a customer: That's not my job. Just see point 4 and be flexible and make it happen.

7. Follow up: Delegate, share and collaborate, but where your name is associated with a piece of work always go back and double check that your expectations have been met.

8. Keep your inbox to a minimum: I'm a big time management nut and this is my number one time management tip. Only keep in your inbox what you're currently working on that day. Shift everything else to folders to address at the appropriate time. My inbox usually has less than 10 items in it and works more like a to do list. Also check and sort your junk email often (there's nothing worse than an important email going unnoticed due to over-active spam protectors).

9. Read more books that will enable you to become better at your job (my goal is 1 per week, but if you're not reading any at the moment start with one per month or every 6 weeks and work up from there)

10. When you deserve a promotion or pay rise go to your boss with a list of reasons and proof of your achievements. Don't be afraid to show the progress you've made, the projects you've put together and the work that may otherwise go unnoticed. Sell yourself!

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